CrownPeak CMS Consulting and Implementation Services

CrownPeak, is one of the leading technology provider for cloud Web Content Management and Optimization. It offers a software-as-a service solution built to empower marketers to develop and deliver website content and optimize campaigns with speed, ease and sophistication. It is based on configuration over development in a click-and-go interface with a workflow that enables deployment in weeks, not months.

Integration with most applications such as e-commerce, email marketing, CRM, collaboration, ECM, social media/community, identity management and analytics is done easily and efficiently because of its delivery architecture that enables global availability and scalability through the use of the cloud.

Thousands of websites including Nissan, Skype, CoreLogic and Alico achieve web content success through CrownPeak’s versatile cloud CMS solution. CrownPeak was recently nominated Finalist at the 2011 American Business Awards for Best Product Development team.

ABS & CrownPeak CMS

If you are looking to move your current digital presence to CrownPeak or just looking for some help on whether to choose CrownPeak's technology to enhance your digital presence your or just to manage your current systems that are already on CrownPeak; our consultants can assist you with every phase of the project and help minimize risks and smoothly execute your projects. You can rest assured about our expertise, quality, efficiency and support for CrownPeak CMS based projects, so that you can focus on your digital strategy and leave all the backend logistics on us. Our consultants can handle it all!

What we offer?

  • Consulting services for your CrownPeak CMS Projects
  • Highly experienced developers/administrators and project managers
  • 24x7 support and maintenance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Excellent communication

Business Value

  • Expert Consultants to tackle any issue that may arise on CrownPeak in an efficient and in a timely manner
  • Cost effective without compromising on quality and efficiency
  • Greater flexibility for growth
  • ABS’ proven highest-quality processes for solving complex problems, mitigating risks, and achieving rock-solid ROI
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